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Designing and Manufacturing Custom Plastic Bearings & Hardware

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specialist designer and manufacturer of innovative plastic bearing solutions. Design and manufacture of plastic bearing and assemblies.Window Roller, Door Fitting, Accessories Manufacturer of a wide choice of material-made of precision bearing, furniture accessories, skate roller, skate blade, skate board and in-line skate.Metal Bearings, Steel Bearings, Unground Bearings: cat, s&s, matex, tok, bearing, polyacetal, mintech, bearing, rollers, in-line skate, skate, precision, carbon bearing, flange, press, pressed, nylon, chrome, door, garage door, shower door, sliding door, casters, wheel barrows, shopping, rocking chairs, drawers, cabinet, furniture, conveyors, roller skate, skate board, fitness cycles, ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7
(Various wheels manufactured as customers' request, including nylon wheels, bearings covered with PA6 and polyurethane wheels. Willing to provide products on the basis of your samples or drawings.
we develop and create upon our customers' need. All Bearings, Rollers, Hardware Parts are made in China.)

TBP (Plastic & Hardware Div.) specializes in designing and manufacturing Non-standard bearings and hardware since 1999. 
We manufactures a variety of standard and custom plastic bearings, and metal bearings, rollers. 

Some of the most common types of plastic bearings we produce are roll end bearings, hanger bearings, metal mounted bearings, block bearings, and pulleys. Equipped with advanced production equipments (plastic injection machine) and inspection instruments, TBP Products are well known for their perfect quality (smoothly and durability ) but most favorable price.

and are widely used in the fields of drawer slides, sliding doors, folding doors, windows, elevator, conveyor, Furniture, Curtain, shower door roller, etc. TBP also manufacture customized plastic bearings to most exacting customer's specification.

Our production process is comprehensive and efficient, from R&D through assembly and testing. We can produce custom orders in as little as 30 days, from order confirm through delivery.

Our products are exported to European countries and North American market. The products have honor of a good reputation from our customers.

Your samples or drawings are welcome!



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