High-Speed Bearings for Micro Motors, Bearings with Teflon Seals for Hobby, Ceramic Bearings with High Performance for Hobby and Industry, Spherical Bearings with Black Rubber Seals, Flanged Bearing with Metal Shields, Stainless Steel Bearings for Fishing Reel and industry, Bearings With Colored Rubber Seals, such as Blue, Red, Black, Green, etc.
Designing and Manufacturing Miniature Ball Bearings

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Cleaing workshop to make high precision miniature bearings

TBP is a miniature bearings manufacture in Cixi, Ningbo, China since 1995. Our precision miniature bearings are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan, India, and others. Our bearings can reach ABEC-1, ABEC-3 and ABEC-5. Our Precision Div make ABEC-7 dental Bearings (SSR144) and export to world wide. We make 692ZZ, 693ZZ, 694ZZ, 695ZZ, 696ZZ, 697ZZ, 698ZZ, 699ZZ, 681ZZ, 682ZZ, 683ZZ, 684ZZ, 685ZZ, 686ZZ, 687ZZ, 688ZZ, 689ZZ, 623ZZ, 624ZZ, 625ZZ, 626ZZ, 627ZZ, 628ZZ, 629ZZ, 634ZZ, 635ZZ, 636ZZ, 638ZZ, 602ZZ, 603ZZ, 604ZZ, 605ZZ, 606ZZ, 607ZZ, 608ZZ, 609ZZ, MR52ZZ, MR62ZZ, MR63ZZ, MR74ZZ, MR83ZZ, MR84ZZ, MR85ZZ, MR93ZZ, MR95ZZ, MR104ZZ, MR106ZZ, MR105ZZ, MR115ZZ, MR117ZZ, MR126ZZ, MR128ZZ, MR137ZZ, MR148ZZ, R2ZZ, R3ZZ, R4ZZ, R6ZZ, R155ZZ, R166ZZ, R188ZZ, R1810ZZ, R1038ZZ, R1212ZZ, R1614ZZ, 63800ZZ, F607ZZ, F685ZZ, F604ZZ, F684ZZ, F696ZZ, FR166, F683ZZ, F686ZZ, MF63ZZ, MF84ZZ, MF85ZZ, MF95ZZ, MF105ZZ, MF115ZZ, MF106ZZ, MF126ZZ, MF117ZZ, MF137ZZ, MF128ZZ, MF148ZZ, F606ZZ, F686ZZ, F687ZZ, F627ZZ, F625ZZ, F635ZZ, F697ZZ, F608ZZ, F688ZZ, F689ZZ, F6700ZZ, F6800ZZ, F6900ZZ, and stainless steel bearings are available. We are always developing Ceramic Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, High-Speed Bearings, Bearings with Teflon Seals, Bearings with Colored Rubber Seals, Flanged Bearings, Stainless Steel Bearings, Extra-thin Bearings, G5 Grade Ceramic Balls and G10 Grade Steel Balls.
TBP Miniature Bearings are widely used in hobby and industry, including: Hobby Bearings, R/C Models, such as R/C Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Engines, Boats, Planes, Trains, etc. Office Accommodation, such as Imprinters, Graphic Plotters, Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Copiers, Banknote counters, Computer CPU Fans, etc. Electric Appliance, such as Small-sized Electric Generators, Micro Motors, Synchronous Electric Motors, Electric Fans, Electric Tools, Vacuum Dust Collectors, Conveyers, etc. Electronic Devices, such as TV Camera, Recorder, Video Cassette Recorder, Oscillograph, Power Instrument & Meter, Radar Facilities, Surveying Instrument, etc. Optical Equipment, such as Cinematograph Projector, Slide Projector, Laser, etc. Medical Implements, such as Dental Handpiece, ECG Recorder, etc. Mechanical Manufacture, such as Quantitative Packaging Machine, Punch Press, Conveyance Equipment, Speed Variator, High Frequency Chief Axis, Packaging Machinery, Cleaner, etc. Post and Telecommunications Equipments, such as Letter Sorter, Telegraph Transmitter, Postage Overprint Machine, Fax Machine, etc. Other applications, such as Fishing Tackle Spool, Inline Skates, Bicycles, Jet Turbines, Sliding Doors, Electronic Music Instrument, Household Facilities, Amateur Sports Appliance, Small-sized Drive Device, Textile Machinery, etc.


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