Designing and Manufacturing Miniature Ball Bearings

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  Cixi Tesilun Bearing Co., Ltd.
  (A member of Ningbo TBP Bearing Co., Ltd.)
  Kuangyan, Cixi, Ningbo 315333, China.
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Please inform us the bearing number, application, (RPM, working temperature, load), material, precision grade, Quantity when you order.

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   Ball Bearings Type PBI ADR FAG GRW RMB BARDEN MPB NMB NTN Open Type - Metric 681 AX1 681 UL103 L-310 681 Open Type - Metric MR31 L-310W51 Open Type - Metric 691 691 R-410 691 Open Type - Metric MR41X R-412 "BC1,2-4" Open Type - Metric 681X AX1.5 68/1.5 UL154 R-415 68/1.5 Open Type - Metric 691X 619/1.5 MR69/1.5 69/1.5 R1550 19M1-5Y1 EL1.5C R-515 69/1.5 Open Type - Metric 601X R-615 60/1.5 Open Type - Metric 682 BX2 MR682 682 UL205 UL20C L-520 682 Open Type - Metric MR52 L-520W02 BC2.5 Open Type - Metric 692 AX2 MR619/2 692 R2060 19M2Y1 EL2C R-620 692 Open Type - Metric MR62 R-620W52 BC2-6 Open Type - Metric MR72 R-720Y52 BC2-7 Open Type - Metric 602 R-720 602 Open Type - Metric 682X AX2.5 68/2.5 UL256 18M2-5 L-625 68/2.5 Open Type - Metric 692X X2.5 69/2.5 19M2-5Y1 R-725 69/2.5 Open Type - Metric MR82X R-825Y52 BC2.5-8 Open Type - Metric 602X 60/2.5 MR60/2.5 60/2.5 R2580 R-825Y52 60/2.5 Open Type - Metric MR63 617/3 L-630 673 Open Type - Metric 683 AX3 MR618/3 683 UL307 UL30C L-730 683 Open Type - Metric MR83 X3 693/003 R-830Y52 BC3-8 Open Type - Metric 693 619/3 693 R-830Y52 693 Open Type - Metric MR93 R-930Y52 BC3-9 Open Type - Metric 603 R-930 603 Open Type - Metric 623 623 MR623 623 R3100 2M3Y1 EL-3R R-1030 623 Open Type - Metric 633 633 Open Type - Metric MR74 617/4 L-740 674 Open Type - Metric MR84 L-840 BC4-8 Open Type - Metric 684 AX4 MR618/4 684 UL409 UL40C L-940 684 Open Type - Metric MR104 X4 L-1040 BC4-10 Open Type - Metric 694 AY4 694 R-1140 694 Open Type - Metric 604 604 604 R-1240 604 Open Type - Metric 624 624 MR624 624 R4130 2M4 EL4R R-1340 624 Open Type - Metric 634 634 MR634 634 R4160 34 R-1640 634 Open Type - Metric MR85 617/5 L-850 675 Open Type - Metric MR95 L-950 BC5-9 Open Type - Metric MR105 L-1050 BC5-10 Open Type - Metric Open Type - Metric 685 X5 MR618/5 685 UL511 UL50C UL50C L-1150 685 Open Type - Metric 695 AY5 695 R-1350 695 Open Type - Metric 605 605 R-1450 605 Open Type - Metric 625 625 MR625 625 R5160 34-5 EL5R R-1650 625 Open Type - Metric 635 635 MR635 635 R5190 35 R-1950 635 Open Type - Metric MR106 617/6 L-1060 676 Open Type - Metric MR126 X6 L-1280 BC6-12 Open Type - Metric 686 AX6 MR618/6 686 UL613 UL60C L-1380 686 Open Type - Metric 696 AY6 696 R-1580 696 Open Type - Metric 606 R-1760 606 Open Type - Metric 626 626 MR628 626 R6190 38 EL6R R1960 626 Open Type - Metric MR117 617/7 L-1170 677 Open Type - Metric MR137 L-1370 BC7-13 Open Type - Metric 687 AX7 618/7 687 UL714 UL70C L-1470 687 Open Type - Metric 697 AY7 697 697 Open Type - Metric 607 607 MR607 607 EL7R R-1970 607 Open Type - Metric 627 627 MR627 627 R7220 37 R-2270 627 Open Type - Metric MR128 617/8 L-1280 678 Open Type - Metric MR148 L-1480 BCB-14 Open Type - Metric 688 X8 MR618/8 688 UL816 L-1680 688 Open Type - Metric 698 AY8 698 19M8 R-1980 698 Open Type - Metric 608 608 MR608 608 R8220 38 EL8R R-2280 608 Open Type - Metric 628 628 Open Type - Metric 689 X9 689 UL917 L-1790 689 Open Type - Metric 699 AY9 699 19M9 L-2090 699 Open Type - Metric 609 609 609 609 609 609 Open Type - Metric 629 629 MR629 629 39 629 Shielded Type - Metric 681XZZ AX1.5ZZ 68/1.52Z ULZ154 UL15CHH L-4152Z W68/1.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 691XZZ X1.5ZZ 69/1.52Z R515ZZ W69/1.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 601XZZS R-615ZZ W60/1.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 6822ZZS BX2ZZ 682-2Z ULZ205 38M2SS UL20CHH L-520ZZ W682ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR52ZZ L-520ZZW52 WBC2-5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 692ZZ AX2ZZ R-620ZZ W692ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR62ZZ R-620ZZY52 Shielded Type - Metric MR72ZZ R-720ZZY03 WBC2-7ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 602ZZS R-720ZZ W602ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 682XZZS AX2.5ZZ 68/2.5ZZ ULZ256 38M2-5SS L-625ZZ W68/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 692XZZ 69/2.5ZZ R-725ZZ W69/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 602XZZS R-825ZZ W60/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR63ZZ L-630ZZ WA673ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 683ZZ AX3ZZ 683-2Z UL7307 38M3SS UL30CHH L-730ZZ W683ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 693ZZ 693-2Z R-830ZZ W693ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR93ZZ R-930ZZY04 WBC3-9ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 623ZZ 623ZZ 623ZZ 623-ZZ RF310 2M3SSY1 EL3RHH R-1030ZZ 623ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 633ZZ 633ZZ Shielded Type - Metric MR74ZZ L-740X2ZZ WA674ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR84ZZ L-840ZZ WBC4-8ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 684ZZ 638/4ZZ 684-2Z ULZ409 38M455 UL40CHH L-940ZZ W684ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR104ZZ X4ZZ L-1040ZZ WBC4-10ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 694ZZ AY4ZZ 694-2Z R-1140ZZ 694ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 604ZZ 604ZZ 604-2Z R-1240ZZ 604ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 624ZZ 624ZZ 624ZZ 624-2Z RF413 2M4SS EL4RHH R-1340ZZ 624ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 634ZZ 634ZZ MR634ZZ 634-2Z RV416 34SS 34RHH R-1640ZZ 634ZZ Shielded Type - Metric MR85ZZ L-850ZZ WA675ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR95ZZA L-950X2ZZ WBC5-9ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR105ZZ L-1050ZZ WBC5-10ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 685ZZ 638/5ZZ 685-2Z ULZ511 UL50CHH L-1150ZZ W685ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 695ZZ AY5ZZ 695-2Z R-1350ZZ 895ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 605ZZ 605-2Z R-1450ZZ 605ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 625ZZ 625ZZ 625ZZ 625-2Z RV516 34.5SS EL5RHH R-1650ZZ 625ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 635ZZ 635ZZ MR635ZZ 635-2Z RV519 35SS R-1950ZZ 635ZZ Shielded Type - Metric MR106ZZS L-1060ZZ WA676ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR126ZZ X6ZZ L-1260ZZ WBC6-12ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 686ZZ 628/6ZZ 686-2Z ULZ613 UL60CHH L-1360ZZ W686ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 696ZZ ZY6ZZ 696-2Z R-1560ZZ 696ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 606ZZ R-1760ZZ 606ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 626ZZ 626ZZ MR626ZZ 626-2Z RV619 36SS EL6RHH R-1960ZZ 626ZZ Shielded Type - Metric MR117ZZS L-1170ZZ WA67ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR137ZZS L-1370ZZ WBC7-13ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 687ZZ AX7ZZ 687-2Z ULZ714 UL70CH L-1470ZZ W687ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 697ZZ AY7ZZ 697-2Z 697ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 607ZZ 607ZZ 607ZZ 607-2Z EL7RHH R-1970ZZ 607ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 627ZZ 627ZZ MR627ZZ 627-2Z RV722 37SS R-2270ZZ 627ZZ Shielded Type - Metric MR128ZZS 637/8ZZ L-1280ZZ W678ZZA Shielded Type - Metric MR148ZZA L-1480ZZ WBC8-14ZZA Shielded Type - Metric 688ZZ X8ZZ ULZ816 L-1680ZZ W688ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 698ZZ AY8ZZ 698-2Z 19M8SS R-1980ZZ 698ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 608ZZ 608ZZ MR608ZZ 608-2Z RV822 38SS EL8RHH R-2280ZZ 608ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 628ZZ 628ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 689ZZ X9ZZ ULZ917 L-1790ZZ W689ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 699ZZ AY9ZZ 699-2Z 19M9SS L-2090ZZ 699ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 609ZZ 609ZZ 609ZZ 609ZZ Shielded Type - Metric 629ZZ 629ZZ MR629ZZ 629-2Z 39SS 629ZZ Open Type - Metric - Flanged F681 LF-310 FL681 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F691 RF-410 FL691 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF41X RF-412 FLBC1.2-4 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F681X FAX1.5 F68/1.5 ULK154 LF-415 FL68/1.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F691X F619/1.5 F69/1.5 F19M1-5Y1 RF-515 FL69/1.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F601X RF-615 FL60/1.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F682 FBX2 F682 ULK205 F682 UL20FC LF-520 FL682 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF52 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F692 FAX2 F692 RK2060 F692 RF-620 FL692 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF62 RF-620W52 FL8C2-6 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF72 RF-720Y52 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F602 RF-720 FL602 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F682X FAX2.5 F68/2.5 ULK256 F68/2.5 LF-625 FL68/2.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F692X FX2.5 F69/2.5 F19M2-5Y1 RF-725 F169/2.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF82X RF-825Y52 FLBC2.5-8 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F602X RK2580 RF-825Y52 FL60/2.5 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF63 LF-630 FL673 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F683 FAX3 F683 ULK307 F683 UL30FC LF-730 FL683 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF83 RF-830 FL693 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF93 RF930Y52 FLBC3-9 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F603 RF-930 FL603 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F623 F623 F623 RK3100 F623 RF-1030 FL623 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF74 LF-740 FL874 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF84 LF-840 FLBC4-8 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F684 FAX4 F684 ULK409 F684 UL40FC LF-940 FL684 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF104 LF-1040 FLBC4-10 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F694 F694 F694 RF-1140 FL694 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F604 RF-1240 FL604 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F624 F624 F624 F624 RF-1340 FL624 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F634 F634 F634 RF-1640 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF85 LF-850 FL675 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF95 LF-950 FLBC5-9 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF105 LF-1050 FLBC5-10 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F685 FX5 F685 ULK511 F685 UL50FC LF-1150 FL685 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F695 F695 F695 RF-1350 FL695 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F605 F605 RF-1450 FL605 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F625 F625 F625 RF-1650 FL625 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F635 F635 F635 RF-1950 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF106 LF-1060 FL676 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF126 LF-1260 FLBC6-12 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F686 FAX6 F686 F686 UL60FC LF-1360 FL686 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F696 F696 F696 RF-1560 FL696 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F606 RF-1760 FL606 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F626 F626 F626 RF-1960 FL626 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF117 LF-1170 FL677 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF137 LF-1370 FLBC7-13 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F687 FAX7 F687 ULK714 F687 UL70FC LF-1470 FL687 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F697 F697 F697 FL697 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F607 F607 F607 F607 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F627 RF-2270 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF128 LF-1280 FL678 Open Type - Metric - Flanged MF148 LF-1480 FLBC8-14 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F688 FX8 F688 ULK816 F688 LF-1680 FL688 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F698 F698 F698 RF-1980 FL698 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F608 F608 F608 RF-2280 FL608 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F689 FX9 F689 LF-1790 FL689 Open Type - Metric - Flanged F699 Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F691XZZ FX1.5ZZ "F69/1,5-2Z" "F69/1,5-2Z" RF-515ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F601XZZS RF-615ZZ FLW60/1.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F682ZZ FBX2ZZ F682-2Z ULKZ205 F682SS UL20FCHH LF-520ZZ FLW682ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F692ZZ FAX2ZZ F692SS RF-620ZZ FLW692ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF72ZZ RF-720ZZY03 FLW8C2-7ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F602ZZS RF-720ZZ FLW602ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F682XZZS FAX2.5ZZ F68/2.5-2Z ULKZ256 F68/2.5SS LF-625ZZ FLW68/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F692XZZ FX2.5ZZ F69/2.5-2Z F69/2.5SS RF-725ZZ FLW69/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F602XZZS RF-825ZZ FLW60/2.5ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF63ZZS FL630ZZ FLWA67ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F683ZZ FAX3ZZ F683-2Z ULKZ307 F683SS UL30FCHH LF-730ZZ FLW683ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F693ZZ FX3ZZ F693-2Z RKF308 RF-830ZZ FLW693ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF93ZZ RF-930ZZY04 FLWBC3-9ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F623ZZ F623ZZ F623-2Z RKF310 F623SS RF-1030ZZ FL623ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF74ZZ LF-740ZZ FLWA674ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF84ZZ LF-840ZZ FLWBC4-8ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F684ZZ F683/4ZZ F684-2Z ULKZ409 F684SS UL40FCHH LF-940ZZ FLW684ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF 104ZZ LF-1040ZZ FLAWBC4-10ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F694ZZ F694-2Z F694SS RF-1140ZZ FL694ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F604ZZ RF-1240ZZ FL604ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F624ZZ F624ZZ F624-2Z F624SS RF-1340ZZ FL624ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F634ZZ F634-2Z F634SS RF-1640ZZ FL634ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF85ZZ LF-850ZZ FLWA675ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF95ZZ LF-950ZZ FLWBC5-9ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF105ZZ LF-1050ZZ FLAWBC5-10ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F685ZZ F638/5ZZ F685-2Z ULKZ511 F685SS UL50FCHH LF-1150ZZ FLW685ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F695ZZ F695-2Z F695SS RF-1350ZZ FL695ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F605ZZ F605-2Z RF-1450ZZ FL605ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F625ZZ F625-2Z F625SS RF-1850ZZ FL625ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F635ZZ F635-2Z F635SS RF1950ZZ FL635ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF106ZZ RF-1650ZZ FLWA676ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF126ZZ UF-1260ZZ FLAWBC6-12ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F686ZZ F628/6ZZ F686-2Z ULKZ613 F686SS UL60FCHH LF-1360ZZ FLW686ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F696ZZ F696-2Z F696SS RF-1560ZZ FL696ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F606ZZ RF-1760ZZ FL606ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F626ZZ F626-2Z F626SS FL626ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF117ZZS LF-1170ZZ FLWA677ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF137ZZS LF-1370ZZ FLAWBC7-13ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F687ZZ FAX7ZZ F687-2Z ULKZ714 F687SS UL70FCHH LF-1470ZZ FLW687ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F697ZZ F697-2Z F697SS FL697ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F607ZZ F607ZZ F607-2Z F607SS FL607ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F627ZZ F627-2Z F627SS RF-2270ZZ FL627ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF128ZZ LF-1280ZZ FLAW678ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged MF148ZZ UF-1480ZZ FLWBC8-14ZZA Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F688ZZ F688SS UF-1680ZZ FLW688ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F698ZZ F698-2Z F698SS FL698ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F608-ZZ F608ZZ F608-2Z F608SS RF-2280ZZ FL608ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F689ZZ F689SS FL-1790ZZ FLW689ZZ Shielded Type - Metric - Flanged F699ZZ FL699ZZ Open Type - Inch R09 RO9 RO308 1016 UL1304 2C R1-2 R01 Open Type - Inch RO X3/64 R0310 1191 UL1505 RO 21/2C R1-21/2 RO Open Type - Inch R1 R1 R0412 1397 R1706 R1 3C R1-3 R1 Open Type - Inch R1-4 X5/64 R0516 BR5/64 R2508 R1-4 4C R1-4 R1-4 Open Type - Inch R133 AX3/32 RO612 2380 UL3008 R133 3332C R1-3332 R133 Open Type - Inch R1-5 X3/32 R620 BR3/32 R3010 R1-5 5C R1-5 R1-5 Open Type - Inch R144 AX1/8 R0816 3175 UL4008 R144 418C R1-418 R144 Open Type - Inch R2-5 X1/8 R820 BR1/8A R4010 R2-5 518C R1-518 R2-5 Open Type - Inch R2-6 R824 BR1/8A/6 R2-6 618C R1-618 R2-6 Open Type - Inch R2 R2 R2 BR1/6B R4012 R2 R2C R-2 R2 Open Type - Inch R2A R2A R2A BR1/8B/083 R2A R2AC RA2 Open Type - Inch R155 X5/32 R1020 3967 UL5010 R155 5532C RI-5532 R155 Open Type - Inch R156 AX3/16 R1220 4763A UL6010 R156 5632C RI-5632 R156 Open Type - Inch R166 X3/16 R1224 4763B UL6012 R166 6316C RI-6632 R166 Open Type - Inch R3 Y3/16 R3 BR3/16 R6016 R3 R3C R-3 R3 Open Type - Inch R168 X1/4 R1624 6350A UL8012 R168 614C RI-614 R168 Open Type - Inch R188 R188 R1632 6350B UL8016 R188 814C RI-814 R188 Open Type - Inch R4 Y1/4 R4 BR1/4A R8020 R4 R4C R-4 R4 Open Type - Inch R4A R4A R4A BR1/4A R4A R4AR RI-1214 Open Type - Inch R1810 R2032 7938 R1810 8516C RI-8516 Open Type - Inch R6 Y3/8 R620 BR3/8 R6 R6R RI-1438 Shielded Type - Inch ROZZS X3/64ZZ R0310.2Z 1191-2Z ULZ1505 21/2CHH RI-21/2ZZ RAOZZA Shielded Type - Inch R1ZZ R1ZZ RO412.2Z 1397-2Z RF1706 R1S 3CHH RI-3ZZ RA1ZZ1 Shielded Type - Inch R1-4ZZS X5-64ZZ R0516.2Z BR5/64-2Z RF2508 R1-4SS 4CHH R1-4ZZ RA1-4ZZ1 Shielded Type - Inch R133ZZS AX3/32ZZ RO612.2Z 2380-2Z ULZ3006 R133SS 3332CHH R1-3332ZZ RA133ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R144ZZ AX1/8ZZ RO816.2Z 3175-2Z ULZ4008 R144SS 418CHH R1-418ZZ RA144ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R2-5ZZ X1/8ZZ R820.2Z BR1/8A-2Z RF4010 R2-5SS 518CHH R1-518ZZ RA2-5ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R2-6ZZS R824.2Z BR1/8A/6-2Z R2-6SS 618CHH R1-618ZZ RA2-6ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R2ZZ R2ZZ R2.2Z BR1/8B-2Z RF4012 R2SS R2CHH R-2ZZ R2ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R2AZZ R2AZZ R2A.2Z BR1/8B/083-2Z R2ASS R2ACHH RA2ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R155ZZS X5/32ZZ R1020.2Z 3967-2Z ULZ5010 R155SS 5532CHH R1-5532ZZ RA155ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R156ZZS AX3/16ZZ R1220.2Z 4763A-2Z ULZ6010 R156SS 5632CHH R1-5632ZZ RA156ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R166ZZ X3/16ZZ R1224.2Z 4763B-2Z ULZ6012 R166SS 6316CHH R1-6632ZZ R166ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R3ZZ Y3/16ZZ R3.2Z BR3/16-2Z RF6016 R3SS R3CHH R-3ZZ RA3ZZ Shielded Type - Inch R168ZZS X1/4ZZ R1624.2Z 6350A-2Z ULZ8012 R168SS 614CHH R1-614ZZ R168ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R188ZZ R188ZZ R1632.2Z 6350B-2Z ULZ8016 R188SS 814CHH R1-814ZZ RA188ZZA Shielded Type - Inch R4ZZ Y1/4ZZ R4.2Z BR1/4A-2Z RF8020 R4SS R4CHH R-4ZZ R4ZZ Shielded Type - Inch R4AZZ R4AZZ R4A.2Z BR1/4..2Z R4ASS R4ARHH R1-1214ZZ R4AZZ Shielded Type - Inch R1810ZZS R2032.2Z 7938-2Z R1810SS 8516CHH R1-8516ZZ Shielded Type - Inch R6ZZ Y3/8ZZ R6.2Z BR3/6-2Z R6SS R6RHH R1-1438ZZ R6ZZ Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR0ZZS FX3/64ZZ RF0310.2Z F1191-2Z ULKZ1505 FR0SS 21/2FCHH RIF-21/2ZZ FLRAOZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR1ZZ FR1ZZ RF0412.2Z F1397-2Z RKF-1706 FR1SS 3FCHH RIF-3ZZ FLRA1ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR1-4ZZS FX5/64ZZ RF0516.2Z R6/64-2Z RKF2508 FR1-4SS 4FCHH RIF-4ZZ FLRA1-4ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR133ZZS FAX3/32ZZ RF0612.2Z F2380-2Z ULKZ3006 FR133SS 3332FCHH RIF-3332ZZ FLRA133ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR1-5ZZS FX3/32ZZ RF620.2Z F3/32-2Z RKF3010 FR1-5SS 5FCHH RIF-5ZZ FLRA1-5ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR144ZZ FAX1/8ZZ RF0816.2Z F3175-2Z ULKZ4008 FR144SS 418FCHH RIF-418ZZ FLRA144ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR2-5ZZ FX1/8ZZ RF820.2Z F1/8A-2Z RKF4010 FR2-5SS 518FCHH RIF-518ZZ FLRA2-5ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR2-6ZZS RF824.2Z F1/8A/6-2Z FR2-6SS 618FCHH RIF-618ZZ FLRA2-6ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR2ZZ FR2ZZ RF2.2Z F1/8B-2Z RKF4012 FR2SS R2FCHH RF-2ZZ FLR2ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged RF155ZZS FX5/32ZZ RF1020.2Z F3967-2Z ULKZ5010 FR155SS 5532FCHH RIF-5532ZZ FLRA155ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR156ZZS FAX3/16ZZ RF1220.2Z F4763A-2Z ULKZ6010 FR156SS 5632FCHH RIF-5632ZZ FLRA156ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR166ZZ FX3/16ZZ RF1224.2Z F4763B-2Z ULKZ6012 FR166SS 6316FCHH RIF-6632Z FLRA166ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR3ZZ FY3/16ZZ RF3.2Z F3/16-2Z RKF6016 FR3SS R3FCHH RF-3ZZ FLRA3ZZ Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR168ZZS FX1/4ZZ RF1624.2Z F6350A-2Z ULKZ8012 FR168SS 614CHH RIF-614ZZ FLRA166ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR188ZZ FR188ZZ RF1632.2Z F6350B-2Z ULKZ8016 FR188SS 814FCHH RIF-814ZZ FLRA188ZZA Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR4ZZ FY1/4ZZ RF4.2Z F1/4A-2Z RKF8020 FR4SS R4FCHH RF-4ZZ FLR4ZZ Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR1810ZZS RF2032.2Z F7938-2Z FR1810SS 8516FCHH RIF-8516ZZ Open Type - Inch - Flanged FR6ZZ FY3/8ZZ RF6.2Z FR6SS R6FRHH RIF-1438ZZ FLR6ZZ Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR0 FX3/64 RF0310 F1191 ULK1505 FR0 21/2FC RIF-21/2 FLR0 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR1 FR1 RF0412 F1397 RK1706 FR1 3FC RIF-3 FLR1 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR1-4 FX5/64 RF0516 F6/64 RK2508 FR1-4 4FC RIF-4 FLR14 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR133 FAX3/32 RF0612 F2380 ULK3006 FR133 3332FC RIF-3332 FLR133 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR1-5 FX3/32 RF620 F3/32 RK3010 FR1-5 5FC RIF-5 FLR1-5 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR144 FAX1-8 RF0816 F3175 ULK4008 FR144 418FC RIF-418 RIF-144 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR2-5 FX1/8 RF820 F1/8A RK4010 FR2-5 518FC RIF-518 FLR2-5 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR2-6 RF824 F1/8A/6 FR2-6 618FC RIF-618 FLR2-6 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR2 FR2 RF2 F1/88 RK4012 FR2 R2FC RF-2 FLR2 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR155 FX5/32 RF1020 F3967 ULK5010 FR155 5532FC RIF-5532 FLR155 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR156 FAX3/16 RF1220 F4763A ULK6010 FR156 5632FC RIF-5632 FLR156 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR166 FX3/16 RF1224 F4763B ULK6012 FR166 6316FC RIF-6632 FLR166 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR3 FY3/16 RF3 RK6016 FR3 FLR3 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR168 FX1/4 RF1624 F6350A ULK8012 FR168 614FC RIF-614 FLR168 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR188 FR188 RF1632 F6350B ULK8016 FR188 814FC RIF-814 FLR188 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR4 FY1/4 RF4 F1/4A RK8020 FR4 R4FC RF-4 FLR4 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR1810 RF2032 F7938 FR1810 8156FC RIF-8516 Shielded Type - Inch - Flanged FR6 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW0 LX3/64 RE0310 E1191 ULU1505 RW0 21/2CE R121/2EE RW0 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1 LR1 RE0412 E1397 RU1706 RW1 3CE RI-3EE RW1 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1-4 LX5/64 RE0516 E5/64 RW1-4 4CE R1-4EE RW1-4 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW133 LAX3/32 RE0612 E2380 ULU3006 RW133 3332CE R1-3332EE RW133 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1-5 LX3/32 RE620 E3/32 RU3010 RW1-5 5CE R1-5EE RW1-5 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW144 LAX1/8 RE0816 E3175 ULU4008 RW144 418CE R1-418EE RW144 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2-5 LX1/8 RE820 E1/8A RU4010 RW2-5 518CE R1-518EE RW2-5 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2-8 RE824 E1/8A/6 RW2-6 618CE R1-618EE RW2-6 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2 LR2 RE2 E1/8B RW2 R2CE R-2EE RW2 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW155 LX5/32 RE1020 E3967 RW155 5532CE R1-5532EE RW155 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW156 LAX3/16 RE1220 E4763A ULU6010 RW156 5532CE R1-5632EE RW156 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW166 LX3/16 RE1224 E4763B ULU6012 RW166 6316CE R1-6632EE RW166 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW168 LX1/4 RE1624 E6350A ULU8012 RW168 614CE R1-614EE RW168 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW188 LR188 RE1632 E6350B RW188 814CE R1-814EE RW188 Open Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1810 RE2032 E7938 RW1810 8516CE R1-8516EE Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW0ZZS LX3/64ZZ RE0310.2Z E1191-2Z 21/2CHHE R1-21/2ZZFF RAW0ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1ZZ LR1ZZ RE0412.2Z E1397-2Z 3CHHE R1-3ZZEE RAW1ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1-4ZZS LX5/64ZZ RE0516.2Z E5/64-2Z RW1-4SS 4CHHE R1-4ZZEE RAW14ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW133ZZS LAX3/32ZZ RE0612.2Z E2380-2Z RW133SS 3332CHHE RI-3332ZZEE RAW133ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1-5ZZS LX3/32ZZ RE620.2Z E3/32-2Z RW1-5SS 5CHHE RI-5ZZEE RAW1-5ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW144ZZ LAX1/8ZZ RE0816.2Z E3175-2Z ULUZ4008 RW144SS 418CHHE RI-418ZZEE RAW144ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2-5ZZ LX1/8ZZ RE820.2Z E1/8A-2Z RW2-5SS 518CHHE RI-518ZZEE RAW2-5ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2-6ZZS RE824.2Z E1/8A/6-2Z RW2-6SS 618CHHE RI-618ZZEE RAW2-6ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW2ZZ LR2ZZ RE2.2Z E1/8B-2Z RW2SS R2CHHE R-2ZZEE RW2ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW155ZZS LX5/32ZZ RE1020.2Z E3967-2Z ULUZ5010 RW155SS 5532CHHE RI-5532ZZEE RAW155ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW156ZZS LAX5/32ZZ RE1220.2Z E4763A-2Z ULUZ6010 RW156SS 5632CHHE RI-5632ZZEE RAW156ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW166ZZ LX3/16ZZ RE1224.2Z E4763B-2Z ULUZ6012 RW166SS 6316CHHE RI-6632ZZEE RW166ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW168ZZS LX1/4ZZ RE1624.2Z E6350A-2Z ULUZ8012 RW168SS 614CHHE RI-614ZZEE RW168ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW188ZZ LR188ZZ RE1632.2Z E6350B-2Z RW188SS 814CHHE RI-814ZZEE RAW188ZZA Shielded Type - Inch - Ext. Inner Ring RW1810ZZS RE2032.2Z E7938-2Z RW1810SS 8516CHHE RI-8516ZZEE