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Designing and Manufacturing Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings

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TBP Bearing produces ceramic hybrid ball bearings since 2000.

New hybrid ceramic ball bearings from TBP Bearings offer key performance benefits over standard steel ball bearings by preventing electrical arcing (and resultant damage to balls and raceways), resisting wear, running at higher speeds and lower operating temperatures, and promoting extended service life.
TBP hybrid ceramic ball bearings combine traditional steel rings matched with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls, making them lighter, harder, and more durable than steel counterparts.

Ideal for large variable-speed electric motors, they provide natural insulating properties to prevent electrical arcing, which can cause fluting-pattern surface damage to raceways, often resulting in excessive noise and bearing replacement. TBP hybrid ceramic ball bearings eliminate both the potential damage and related maintenance procedures and costs.

TBP hybrid ceramic ball bearings are 40% less dense than steel balls for reduced centrifugal force and friction, enabling them to run faster and cooler; harder than steel for enhanced wear resistance against hard particles, contaminants, and vibration; and highly inelastic for increased bearing stiffness and reduced deflection under load to promote reliable performance.

Ceramic Hybrid bearings using Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4) meet and exceed today's requirements offering a long list of characteristics far superior to that of conventional all-steel bearings.

All silicon nitride components are non-magnetic and electrically insulative They are used in the following applications: (Aerospace/Military, Computer, Instruments, Medical, Pumps, Textile, Equipment, Automotive, Dental, General Industry, Mechanical, Semicon Equipment, Biotechnology,
Defense, Machine Tools, Processing, Sporting Goods)

A wide range of TBP hybrid ceramic bearing types are available. Made-to-order (MTO) warranted products can be developed to meet customized application demands.


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Compared to bearing, ceramic materials offer superior corrosion and heat resistance, higher dimensional stability, and lower density, which facilitates high speed. Silicon nitride have been used with bearing successful results in machine tool spindles for more than 10 years. Recently, at bearings we have developed ceramic for special operating conditions including corrosive, vacuum, high-temperature, clean, non-lubricated and seizure-prone environments.Our ceramic are made of silicon nitride, silicon carbide or partially stabilized zirconia, depending on the application. The superiority of these was demonstrated in endurance tests in water, acid solutions, high temperature vacuum conditions and an oil shut-off test, as well as on a hot-dip galvanizing line. Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing: A anti friction bearing constructed of bearing inner and outer rings with ceramic rolling elements in place of bearing. Conventional all bearing hybrid bearing limit bearing design as technology rolls forward at a fantastic rate. Machinery speeds increase as production demands maximum efficiency and reliability with the highest output quality. As a result, loads and operational environments become more demanding. Ceramic Hybrid using Silicon Nitride hybrid balls (Si3N4)  meet and exceed today抯 requirements offering a long list of characteristics far superior to that of conventional all-bearing.Bearing Works produces a full line of ceramic hybrid radial ball with the features described below.  We specialize in clean vacuum compatible solid film lubricants and lubricating retainers. We know down time means money, we offer the shortest leads times in the industry (5-10 days) and same day emergency service. Features and Benefits of Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings High Speed and Acceleration - Up to 3 million (dN). 40% as dense as bearing, the resulting reduction in weight reduces centrifugal forces imparted on the rings, reducing skidding, allowing 30 to 50% higher running speeds with less lubrication, resulting in increased productivity. Research on ceramic rolling has been ongoing for more than 30 years. Ceramics are superior to bearing in heat and corrosion resistance, and are lightweight and extremely hard as well. Consequently, ceramic rolling can be used in environments  where conventional bearing cannot. Increased stiffness - There are three types of ceramics: silicon nitride, silicon carbide and partially stabilized zirconia.  Silicon nitride are used in high-speed applications like machine tools and aircraft engines, and  in oil- and liquid-lubricated machinery operated under heavy load. Silicon nitride is superior to bearing bearing (AISI 52100) in physical and mechanical properties such as density, strength and heat resistance. It is also satisfactory in terms of ball rolling fatigue life, making it an outstanding material for rolling. Silicon nitride have been used with successful ball bearings results in machine tool spindles for more than 10 years. In especially harsh conditions, such as environments where highly corrosive agents are present, even silicon nitride can be corroded. For these environments silicon carbide is the most suitable. Silicon carbide have self-lubricating bearings cages and are used in film and semiconductor cleaning systems. Ceramic bearings are either all-ceramic or hybrid. Cages are made from either polyamide resin or self lubricating material and lubrication is oil, grease bearings or solid lubricant depending on the operating environment. Silicon nitride balls have a 50 % higher modulus of elasticity bearings (resistance to deformation) than bearing, which means a 15 to 20% bearing increase in rigidity, improving accuracy. The results of this feature will be realized in greater production quality.Higher Accuracy - Ceramic bearings balls have a smoother finish than bearing, vibration and spindle deflection is reduced allowing higher bearing speeds. Production bearing quality will be improved.Bearings Less Friction, Less Heat - Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings truly are  揳nti-friction". Lower friction leads to less wear, less lubrication, less energy bearings consumption, reduced sound level and extends life lowering your operating costs and increasing productivity. Lowered bearings operating temperatures improve the work environment. Reduced Lubrication Requirements - As ceramic bearings are extremely hard and have outstanding wear resistance, they outperform other materials in bearing life without lubrication. Results of an endurance life test of bearing, hybrid bearings and all-silicon nitride operating without lubrication was conducted. The bearing bearings seized within a short period while the hybrid and all-ceramic though sustaining wear, did not. The all-ceramic bearing sustained considerably less wear than the hybrid bearing, indicating that its endurance life is much longer. Several types of material are available for the rings in our line. Chrome bearing ball bearings are the most common and available in inch and metric. Stainless bearing is available in inch and ball metric up to 80mm outer diameter. We of course will manufacture for you stainless bearings in just about any size. Minimum order is required and delivery typically is ninety days. High Speed Tool bearing is available in limited sizes all over the size chart. Fill out a inquiry form for further information on a particular size.SEALS AND SHIELDS - To prevent contamination of the lubricant and to keep debris out of the bearing a seal or shield can be employed. Seals and shields are ceramic ball die-cut to size depending on required sealing and speed requirements. Among ceramics, partially stabilized zirconia used in combination with bearing is known to generate the fewest particles. Hybrid with partially stabilized zirconia balls generated fewer particles than stainless bearing ceramic bearings fluoride grease or stainless bearing with a gold coating.  The combination of dissimilar materials is an effective means to reduce particle bearing generation. Ceramic Hybrids sport improved bearing kinematic bearings behavior, generate less friction and demand less lubrication. This can lower operating costs by minimizing design, maintenance, and complexity of typical lubrication systems. Low Thermal Expansion - A low thermal expansion coefficient allows HYBRIDS with ceramic balls to undergo smaller changes in contact angle reducing preload variations improving life and maintaining tolerances. Non-Conductive - Electrical pitting and fluting of the raceway is caused when current passes through the ball to the raceway, typical in electric motor applications, ceramic balls insulate. Extended Operating Life - With their numerous advantages  ceramic hybrid ball typically yield 5 to 10 times longer life than conventional bearing ball in most applications. MATERIALS CERAMICS - By incorporating ceramics and ball state of the art bearing technology, we have developed a line with capabilities suited for todays demanding requirements. Present day applications place demands on machinery that could not be imagined as little as a decade ago. Efficiency, speed and reliability are now possible. Bearing Works combines the highest quality Grade 5 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls with precision rings, ABEC 1 to ABEC 7 to produce the finest anti-friction with custom retainers in less than ten days. METALLIC MATERIALS - The rolling fatigue hybrid of silicon ceramic nitride under oil lubrication is at least longer than the basic rating hybrid of bearing. Life tests of all-silicon nitride and silicon nitride hybrid relative to the basic rating hybrid of bearing. Silicon nitride demonstrated rolling fatigue life equal to or a little longer than the basic ceramic ball rating life of bearing ceramic bearings while the hybrid eclipsed the basic rating life of bearing by a factor of four. The failure mode for all of the ball bearings in the ball test was flaking. Often no seal is required when the bearing will be housed and sealed externally or when operated in a vacuum. However, as a preventative measure we recommend ceramic ball at least a shield to protect the critical internal components. RETAINERS (BALL SEPARATORS) - As the rolling fatigue of bearings is more than ten times their basic ceramic rating hybrid in good lubrication, bearings nitride ball bearings are inferior to steel bearings. The principal reason is that bearings nitride ball bearings sustain higher contact pressure because they are less elastic than steel. Still, because the rolling fatigue of bearings nitride ball bearings is at least longer than the basic rating of hybrid steel bearings, bearings nitride ball bearings are feasible for some applications. Note that the most important feature of all bearings nitride ball bearings is their superior performance in applications where lubrication is poor due to extreme temperatures, water-ingress or vacuum conditions. The function of a retainer is to keep the balls separated to prevent unnecessary wear of the rolling elements and to provide equal load distribution. A retainer can also provide certain lubrication benefits as retainer wear occurs. Numerous composite materials are available that are not listed here that can meet certain environmental and functional requirements. Please contact us for further information. Bearing Works custom machines the following types of retainers for deep groove and angular contact ball bearings.  Since applications and environment vary greatly the following chart is simply a guideline. PEEK, Vespel? Nylon, Teflon? Torlon are vacuum compatible. LUBRICATION SOLID LUBRICANTS - Hybrid ball bearings are well suited for machine tool spindles. Because the density of bearings nitride is only 40% that of steel, substituting steel balls with ceramic ones greatly facilitates high-speed rotation. In a machine tool ball spindle under position preload, the centrifugal force acting on ceramic rolling elements is substantially lower, resulting in suppression of heat generation between the balls and outer ring.  The ball result is superior high-speed performance. Hybrid bearings have  demonstrated excellent high-speed performance not only with grease lubrication, but also with oil-air lubrication. The superior seizure resistance demonstrated by the hybrid ball bearing can be attributed to two factors: the disinclination of two different ball materials to adhere to each other and the smaller increase in preload that results from the low linear expansion coefficient of the ceramic balls. For long term performance ball bearings must have some form of ball lubrication. Grease and oil is recommended whenever the application will allow it. Many  special environments such as vacuum, high and low temperatures may not allow conventional lubrication. Also, in some applications the addition of grease or oil could contaminate a product. When cleanliness and high vacuum call for it, a carefully selected solid film ball lubricant is your maintenance free answer. ball Bearing Works offers a full line of field tested solid film lubricants for ball bearings, gears, and any other small metal components.  EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS VACUUM ENVIRONMENT VACUUM EVAPORATION EQUIPMENT VACUUM EQUIPMENT HANDLING SYSTEMS TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS: EXAMPLE A: RINGS: Stainless Steel BALLS: Stainless Steel RETAINER: Vespel or PEEK LUBRICATION: Solid, MOS2. Solid, WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) FEATURES: Clean, high temperature, corrosion resistant, solid lubricated, inexpensive. EXAMPLE B RINGS: Stainless Steel BALLS: Solid Lube Coated Stainless Steel RETAINER: PEEK LUBRICATION: Solid, MOS2 FEATURES: Clean, high temperature, corrosion resistant, solid lubricated, increased life, increased performance, more expensive. CLEAN ENVIRONMENT VACUUM FOOD MANUFACTURING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS: EXAMPLE A RINGS: Stainless Steel BALLS: Stainless Steel RETAINER: PEEK LUBRICATION: Solid, WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) FEATURES: Clean, high temperature, corrosion resistant, solid lubricated, more expensive EXAMPLE C RINGS: Stainless Steel BALLS: Solid Lube Coated Stainless Steel RETAINER: Vespel?SP1 LUBRICATION: Solid, MOS2 FEATURES: Clean, high temperature, corrosion resistant, solid lubricated, increased life, increased performance, more expensive. EXAMPLE B RINGS: Stainless Steel BALLS: Ceramic RETAINER: Teflon LUBRICATION: Grease, Food Grade FEATURES: Clean, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, inexpensive. INSULATION ELECTRIC MOTORS WELDING EQUIPMENT PLATING EQUIPMENT EXAMPLE A RINGS: Chrome Steel BALLS: Ceramic RETAINER: PEEK LUBRICATION: Grease FEATURES: Increased performance, no arcing through balls, longer life, expanded design possibilities, moderate expense BEARING TYPE: Angular Contact or Deep Groove RINGS: Chrome Steel BALLS: Ceramic RETAINER: PEEK or Phenolic LUBRICATION: Grease FEATURES: Increased performance, longer life, expanded design possibilities, moderate expense HIGH SPEED AND RIGIDITY MACHINE TOOL SPINDLE SPINDLE MOTOR GAS TURBINE TURBO CHARGER SOLAR VEHICLES IN-LINE SKATING CYCLING LUGE EXAMPLE A